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Revolutionizing Commercial Spaces: The Barrisol Advantage

Many commercial buildings have ceiling tiles, which are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. Although ceiling tiles are rather inexpensive, they also have several drawbacks. For example, they reduce the amount of head space available for occupants. Tiles also make it more difficult to install lighting systems and control the acoustics in a commercial building.

Enter Barrisol, a ceiling system made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Find out how Barrisol can help you solve unique design challenges without reducing occupant comfort.

Introduction to Barrisol in Commercial Design

Barrisol is a ceiling system made from sheets instead of tiles, making it an excellent alternative to drop ceilings and drywall. Unlike ceiling tiles, Barrisol offers unparalleled flexibility. You can add texture, print designs, install backlighting, or enhance it with acoustical batting to achieve incredible NRC values. As long as you're in a creative mood, the sky is the limit when it comes to possible design options.

Thanks to its flexibility, Barrisol is ideal for modern commercial spaces. You can adapt it to any surface, eliminating the need to complete extensive renovation projects just to replace a ceiling. Barrisol also adapts to all forms, not just flat ones. If you're tasked with modernizing an older building, you can use Barrisol on curved surfaces instead of ripping them out and replacing them with flat ones.

Unique Benefits of Barrisol for Commercial Spaces

Barrisol offers benefits in three major categories: design potential, sustainability and acoustic performance enhancements.

Design Potential

When you use ceiling tiles, you're limited by the selection available. You may not be able to find a tile that matches your design sensibilities without going way over your budget for materials. With drywall, you can add texture, but there isn't much room for creativity. Barrisol lets you develop customized designs, achieving the perfect blend of form and function.

Barrisol also works with a variety of surfaces. Are you creating plans for an aquarium supply company? Use Barrisol to make the ceiling look like a series of undulating waves. Do you want to make a basic ceiling look like it's made from blocks of glass? You can do it with Barrisol.


With Barrisol ceiling systems, it's also easier to reach your sustainability goals. The Barrisol manufacturing process uses no water and produces no chlorofluorocarbons, limiting its impact on the natural environment. Barrisol products also have a longer lifespan than traditional ceiling materials, reducing waste.

Acoustic Performance Enhancements

Barrisol offers superior acoustic performance, making it ideal for schools, concert halls and other buildings where people sing, play instruments or give lectures. Due to its superior acoustic absorption, Barrisol is also an excellent addition to office spaces. You can add acoustical batting to reduce the noise level, making it easier for occupants to focus on their work. Finally, Barrisol allows some sound energy to pass through it, optimizing acoustic performance.

Beyond the Ceiling: The Versatility of Barrisol

Although Barrisol isn't considered an energy-efficient product, it's extremely versatile, especially when it comes to increasing occupant comfort and improving acoustics. For example, you can change lighting temperatures throughout the day to simulate outdoor lighting, creating better connections with occupants' circadian rhythms.

Barrisol also has applications in wall coverings and light diffusion, maximizing its versatility. One of the most unique wall coverings is the Barrisol lighting wall, which diffuses light to create a much softer atmosphere. The lighting wall is an excellent addition to designs for medical centers, spas and other spaces that need to be as calm and relaxing as possible.

You can even use Barrisol wall products to create gorgeous murals. The possibilities are almost endless. For example, if you're creating design plans for a veterinary office, you can use Barrisol sheets to create murals featuring healthy cats, dogs and exotic pets. You can also create murals with company logos, making Barrisol walls ideal for conference rooms and corporate offices.

Customizable Solutions for Unique Design Challenges

No two design challenges are exactly alike. Barrisol's flexibility makes it easier to meet your custom requirements without sacrificing functionality or aesthetic appeal. One popular trend is to install mirrored ceilings. Traditionally, mirrored ceilings have glass tiles, making them a safety hazard.

With Barrisol, it's possible to create a mirrored surface without using glass, which allows you to achieve your desired look without adding extra weight to the ceiling. With these glassless surfaces, you don't have to worry that glass will crash down and injure an occupant.

Barrisol ceiling systems also give you a bit of "insurance" against accidents. For example, if a pipe bursts, the stretch ceiling helps contains the spill, preventing extensive damage to the contents of the space below. Once drained, the ceiling can be heated and restretched, returning it to its original condition. Standard drop ceiling systems pale in comparison to Barrisol's capabilities.

Real-World Applications

Companies around the world are using Barrisol stretched ceiling solutions to achieve their design goals. Here are two examples.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium

At Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Georgia, the Champion's Lounge is home to a custom ceiling made with Barrisol products. Rather than installing a flat ceiling, the designers went with a mosaic made from diamond shapes, creating a refined look befitting the stadium's most loyal fans.

Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art has a ceiling made from 2,500 square meters of Venus sheets assembled on custom frames. Each panel offers superior acoustic performance, creating a space for quiet contemplation.

Integrating Barrisol Into Your Next Project

If you're looking for innovative options that are lightweight, recyclable and customizable, the next step is to contact Contexture about integrating Barrisol products into your design. As a trusted Barrisol partner, we have the expertise necessary to help you select just the right system for your design. We also take the time to learn about your unique design goals and objectives.

Learn More About the Barrisol Advantage

Barrisol offers a wide variety of benefits for architects and building owners. You can improve the aesthetic appeal of a space, enhance safety, improve acoustical performance and increase occupant comfort. You may even be able to integrate Barrisol wall and lighting solutions into your design plan.

Contact Contexture to learn more about using Barrisol to your advantage. Our team is ready to help you design the right ceiling system for your project.