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Create a Human-centric Environment

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Aesthetics that Work

When human comfort and well-being is prioritized in the design and construction of a workplace or public space, employee performance and job satisfaction improves, customer delight escalates, and the value of the built environment increases.

Contexture’s human-centric design features are more than a pretty partition or splash of color. Integrated aesthetic products will calm anxiety and stress, recharge strategic thinkers, absorb distractions, elevate a brand, welcome visitors, spark creativity, support privacy, and inspire collaboration

Contexture’s broad aesthetic products and treatments will elevate your acoustic, lighting, and interior design plans with a variety of fabrics, treatments, and strategies from our beautiful portfolio of partners. From dramatic ceiling clouds and stretch ceilings, to printed biophilic lighting treatments and 3-D shapes, aesthetics can add a “wow” to a simple space, naturalize artificial lights, personalize an expansive lobby, brand an entry, quiet a busy hall, and define boundaries.

Inspired Aesthetics

A thoughtful, human-centric interior informed by goals, and inspired by your brand, will differentiate your building, and elevate the building’s value, style and performance. Contexture will consider the owner’s goals, space challenges, and the desired indoor experience before recommending an optimized, tailored aesthetic approach to balance the indoor environment for humans.

Tap through our Inspiration Gallery for more context and sample product solutions…


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Wall-to-Ceiling Aesthetic Solutions

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A Holistic Approach

Aesthetics is an inherent component of commercial interior design. As your partner, Contexture will ensure the aesthetic features in your built environment also perform on behalf of balance, color, movement, pattern, scale, shape, and visual weight. Contexture collaborates to ensure the right aesthetic products are integrated to support design and branding intentions but also enhance acoustics, light, airflow, workflow, and human comfort.

As the most dependable, proven resource for the built environment’s most desired aesthetic products, Contexture will design, supply, install and service:

  • Barrisol: Stretch Ceilings & Walls: Acoustic, print, luminous and 3D shapes
  • Cambio Wall System: Fast-install, lightweight, proprietary design solution in every texture, color & material
  • Slalom Systems: Acoustic solutions and partition systems
  • FabriTRAK Systems: Acoustical stretch-wall & ceiling systems

Smart, and Good Looking!

Add Contexture and we’ll make you look good by recommending a few smart aesthetic approaches to your built environment. Call and share your design ideas with us now…