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Healthy Buildings Fuel Human Performance

As stakeholders in the design and construction of the built environment we are responsible for the comfort, health and well-being of our building occupants while serving as good stewards of our communities and global climate.

There is no question, the indoor environment affects our cognitive focus, creativity, mental health, immune system, and ability to think strategically. And, public health research reinforces our intuition about healthy buildings and human performance: if we are comfortable at work, have clean air to breathe, enjoy daylight with natural views, without noisy distractions, we are more likely to achieve optimal performance.

Contexture designs informed, strategic, and controllable indoor environments to support human health and productivity, tenant growth, and our client’s visionary goals.


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Prioritize Human Well-being

According to Harvard University’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, when "The 9 Foundations of a Healthy Building" are prioritized, human productivity and well-being is optimized. When you add Contexture to your indoor environment, building stakeholders can impact 4 of the 9 key factors: air quality, noise, thermal health, and lighting/views.

Choose Healthy

Contexture’s tailored, strategic approach to the building’s indoor lighting, shading, and acoustic plan will directly impact the human experience, well-being, and performance:

Air Quality

Eliminating Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from the indoor built environment is one of the healthiest actions we can make on behalf of occupants. Contexture’s carefully-curated product portfolio meets and exceed the UL GreenGuard standards for VOCs.

Thermal Health

A tailored shading and window treatment strategy controls the built environment’s exposure to solar gain and extreme temperatures, maintaining a comfortable and energy efficient space.


Customized acoustic solutions artfully absorb noisy distractions and silence uncomfortable distractions.

Lighting & Views

The right window treatment plan complemented by light-diffusing aesthetics will achieve the right balance between natural and artificial light, between harmful glare and productive illumination.

Healthy Economics

“Offices with the premier health story will get the premium rent and get the tenants, and the offices with a lagging health story will lag.”

-Joseph Allen, Associate Professor of Exposure Assessment Science
Environmental Health, Harvard School of Public Health

A contexture partnership leads to healthy strategies to control heat, light, and sound.

Lead the Way

Let us know your design intentions and your healthy building goals. We will optimize the user experience and help you build a high-performing environment.

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