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A Measured Approach to Thermal Performance

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Exacting Product Design & Installation

Add Contexture and open a portfolio of window treatments, blinds, shading systems, and automated solutions to control your exposure to solar gain and extreme temperatures.

Our design, engineering, installation, and maintenance teams bring more than 40 years of experience in commercial architecture and construction and our product partners represent the highest-performing, most dependable and attractive arrangement of products available.

For high-performing buildings, product selection is often not enough to make a measurable difference. Based on predictive environmental models, Contexture can engineer integrated, automated systems to enhance the performance of your shades for maximum energy efficiency, occupant comfort and human productivity, with elevated style.

We work directly with architects, designers, owners, and general contractors to ensure the window treatment solution meets or exceeds performance expectations and performs as specified for optimal operability, serviceability, on time and on budget.

Thermal & Aesthetics Elevated

Thermal control is beautiful.

Contexture collaborates with your project team on design and performance goals in context with operability and serviceability challenges before recommending solutions to control your building’s environmental exposure.

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Raise the Curtain

Let’s get started. Contexture will make you look good, and help your building perform beautifully. Learn more about your thermal exposure and Contexture’s window treatments and automated solutions for high-performing buildings and humans…

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