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Control Your Exposure

Together, we have the potential to make a world of difference by significantly reducing energy consumption and expenses in commercial buildings while optimizing human well-being and comfort.

The indoor ecosystem relies heavily on HVAC and lighting systems powered by expensive, non-renewable energy. Building stakeholders have an opportunity to reduce HVAC loads and energy costs by balancing the heat, light (daylight & artificial), and sound, with tailored window treatments and aesthetic or acoustical systems. With even more Contexture, Daylight Harvesting programs and integrated automation will maximize energy efficiency, human productivity, and savings.

Informed by environmental data and the building envelope’s baseline performance, Contexture’s expertise in specifying, integrating, and installing high-performing Division 9 and Division 12 systems will right-side your energy scores, occupant satisfaction, and bottom-line.



On average, lighting accounts for 39% of a building’s energy consumption.

That percentage is much greater in healthcare and hospitality settings.

Optimized Efficiency Benefits All

As responsible stewards of the building’s occupants, the global climate, and the budget, constructing a high-performing, energy-efficient building envelope can also be aligned with design goals. Adding Contexture to your building plans will optimize your LEED certification as well as:

Energy Savings

Advanced window treatment systems will minimize solar gain, optimize daylighting, and enhance thermal reduction resulting in minimized HVAC loads and artificial lighting during peak times.

Occupant Well-Being

By optimizing and managing daylighting with a strategic window treatment and aesthetics system, the enriching and nurturing value of natural light will shine a light on human health, job satisfaction, and achievement

Shrink the Carbon Footprint

Improved energy efficiency earned with high-performing window treatment and lighting systems means less energy required to light, heat, and cool the indoor environment. The global community benefits from this reduction in CO2 emissions.

Be Efficient, Follow our Lead

Stay tuned to the Contexture Blog and learn how to grow your business instead of your energy bill. Our experts will keep you informed on opportunities to optimize your building performance for people.

The Department of Energy Needs Us

We have partnered up with the Department of Energy! Join as we work to advance energy-efficient strategies for the built world.