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Innovative Shading Solutions

Reduce your reliance on electric lighting and HVAC systems by controlling your exposure to the warm glare of the sun while making the most of available daylight.

Contexture partners with Lutron to provide building stakeholders with innovative shading solutions that save energy, manage indoor temperatures, reduce glare, and solar heat gain.

Lutron’s sustainably-manufactured shading fabrics will optimize occupant comfort and building envelope performance, especially when paired with Hyperion solar adaptive technology. Utilizing innovative sensors, the shading system automatically adjusts to filter daylight and achieve the optimal balance of sunlight to conserve energy and maintain occupant comfort.

Lutron has you made in the shade, wherever you go:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants & Retail
  • Event Centers
  • Medical Centers
  • Educational Facilities
  • Small & Large Homes
  • Whole-home Controls
  • Individual Room Controls
  • Mobile Devices Controls

Beautiful AND Smart

Lutron innovation rolls flexibility and energy-saving capabilities into their high-performance product line. Minimize energy bills, optimize occupant comfort level and illuminate your indoor environment with a smart lighting system.


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Illuminating Results

Contexture raises the bar on shading solutions by partnering with Lutron for smart, technology centered lighting and shade solutions.

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