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Boston Design Week event will focus on emerging smart home technology and possibilities for automation

BOSTON, MA, Mar. 26, 2019 – Shade Light Solutions by Ver-Tex Construction (Shade Light Solutions) recently announced that it will be co-hosting “Smart Homes in Smart Cities,” a CEU luncheon, with Yusen Associates on April 2 as part of Boston Design Week

The event will explore the emergence of smart homes and smart cities in response to an increasingly urbanized world aimed at improving energy efficiency and quality of life. Attendees will learn how to improve energy efficiency, security and convenience with the use of intelligent, connected devices, and will also be able to identify opportunities for various smart home products throughout a property, communicate the benefits of smart home products, and ensure that these products will successfully integrate with each other. This event will be presented as part of Boston Design Week, which seeks to increase public awareness and appreciate of all aspects of design, foster recognition of the vital role design plays in our lives and bring new audiences to a wide array of design industries and organizations.

The vision of Boston Design Week to encourage the public to explore all aspects of design. “With smart home technology becoming increasingly advanced and in-demand, there’s no better time to host such an educational event aimed at informing attendees on the benefits of and possibilities for smart controls. Whether it comes down to creating a more energy efficient home or added convenience for the homeowner, smart controls and systems are the future of home design and construction,” said Brianna Goodwin, President and CEO of Ver-Tex Construction. “We’re very pleased to be partnering with Yusen for this Boston Design Week event, which will be sure to inform and educate our audience on the various advantages and opportunities that exist for smart controls in the residential setting.” 

“Technology is continuously evolving in our industry. Over the past several years, the focus has been on the integration of smart home products. The goal with smart home products today is to create a more comfortable home experience along with ease of use and maximizing energy efficiency. Unfortunately, the average home owner is either intimated or not familiar with the various products and solutions that are offered in the smart home market today,” said Bill Hurwitz, Vice President of Yusen Controls. “A major objective of Yusen’s is to further educate the consumer on the solutions that are available and the benefits they deliver. We believe education is the critical component needed to accelerate the adoption of using smart home products.” 

About Shade Light Solutions 

At Shade Light Solutions, our focus is on integration and simplicity. We offer clients an ill-inclusive service when it comes to controlling light, both natural and artificial. We will manage your project from design conceptualization to specification, installation and programming.

About Yusen Associates

Yusen Associates is an independent manufacturer representative agency focused on selling electrical, lighting & controls products and services to the New England electrical industry. Our primary customer is the electrical wholesaler. We also serve, support and maintain important relationships with the electrical contractor, electrical engineer, architect and lighting design communities. We represent commodity products, typical electrical supply products, lighting controls as well as light fixtures and lamps.

Ver-Tex rebranded to Contexture in 2022.