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Without question, New England summers can be as brutal as New England winters (and we won’t even get into the summer months in Florida). Finding a solution to keep you cool that is more cost effective than simply cranking up the air conditioning is easier than you think: look no further than upgrading to automated shades. As a vital piece of a climate control system, automated shades can be a great way to help cool down your space–residential or commercial–while also providing a stylish upgrade. 

In a residential space, cellular or honeycomb shades are ideal to help keep your room cool. They are constructed from two pieces of fabric to create cell-like shapes (hence the “honeycomb” name). This structure traps air in the pockets, creating insulation in the room that works for both hot and cold climates. Some manufacturers have even created “honeycomb-within-honeycomb” shades for maximum energy efficiency! Cellular/honeycomb shades come in a variety of fabrics and opacities, they can be installed with top-down/bottom-up functionality for a more versatile look. Not only are honeycomb shades energy efficient and stylish, but they can offer an added layer of privacy and dimension to your space. 

One of the design trends we’re watching for this season is texture, and the texture of these shades falls right into that category. If you’re looking to minimize energy consumption in a commercial space, automated shades offer an excellent solution that will help your bottom line. One of the other design trends we’re watching is creative office spaces, and we think utilizing the power of automated shades to ensure a productive atmosphere, free of sun glare and hot temperatures, is a great idea. 

Automated shades can help provide what is often called daylight harvesting. Daylight harvesting is an energy management technique that uses natural daylight to offset the need for electric lighting to properly light a space. With some control systems, automated shades can be programmed to work with both lighting systems and HVAC controls to affect the temperature of your space and overall energy output. Imagine giving your AC a break with the touch of a button by lowering a translucent solar shade during peak daylight hours to naturally reduce heat gain and protect your valuables from UV rays! Modern, stylish, secure–and most importantly, cool. Make the upgrade to automated or honeycomb shades this summer.