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Do you know what automated shades are? 

It’s important to note that they are not the same as motorized shades. Automated shades are shades that can be pre-scheduled to raise and lower, typically at different times of the day, due to a change in sunlight or temperature. These shades are convenient for you and enhance safety in your home. With automated shades, your window treatments effortlessly raise and lower with or without the touch of a button, depending on your programming. Automation is perfect for simulating a presence at home by raising and lowering your shades to make it look like you’re home when you’re not. 

Like motorized shades, automated shades are cordless, which eliminates a potential hazard for your children and pets. Energy efficiency is also a tremendous benefit of automating your shades. Research has shown that automated shades can reduce your energy bill because they control room temperature –they can do the work so that your heating and cooling systems don’t have to. Given New England weather, this winter is the perfect time to automate your shades! 

The first step of shade automation is motorizing your shades. Some of the manufacturers we work with offer easy installation kits to convert your manual shades into motorized shades in a matter of minutes. Once your shades are motorized, you will be able to set up your automation. Many manufacturers offer integrated automation control through your smartphone (Lutron’s Serena and Triathlon Shades can be controlled by Apple’s Siri!) or voice control, such as through Amazon Alexa. Automation schedules can be set up daily, or even weekly, and customization can vary by manufacturer. There are a lot of options to play around with to find the perfect automated shade match for your home. All it takes is installation and programming, then you’re ready to go! 

Automated shades not only offer style, safety, and convenience, but they can help keep your home warm this winter. Stop by our Boston showroom in Fort Point Channel and let our design experts show you the power of automated shades!