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Boston, MA 

Over the last decade, Northeastern University has become a strong research university, requiring new facilities to attract and host world-class researchers. This year, Northeastern opened the doors to the Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Complex (ISEC), a six-story open-air science and research building. The new $225 million facility will expand the university’s research capabilities for its students and staff across a range of fields such as community resilience, cybersecurity, coastal sustainability, and even drug delivery. The facility was designed by the architectural firm Payette. Northeastern also worked with Ver-Tex Shading Solutions to design and install window treatments for the new glass walls surrounding the six-story, sky-lit atrium addition. Ver-Tex worked with Suffolk Construction to install large motorized shades and draperies during the project. “One of the things this building will do is provide opportunities, space, for undergraduates to do research,” Olin Shivers, a Northeastern professor of computer science, said. Located on Columbus Ave., the building features offices and lab space to accommodate 700 faculty members and students. The new facility also has a conference center with a 280-seat auditorium, staging area, cafe, and room for 200 seated dinner guests. ISEC is on track to obtain gold certification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) as part of Northeastern’s commitment to sustainability. With the help of Ver-Tex, the facility’s motorized shades and draperies will maximize natural daylight throughout the building while also minimizing heat gain, reducing energy costs and consumption. Ver-Tex executive vice president Brianna Goodwin said, “We are thrilled to work with universities and other established institutions to help create spaces that cultivate exciting ideas and research. After such a successful project, we look forward to future opportunities with our partners that can similarly foster growth and academic achievement.” By partnering with Ver-Tex to provide the latest in manual and motorized shading technology, Northeastern’s new research center will continue to encourage more student collaboration, foster new and innovative research, and help the university’s initiative toward sustainability. This article was originally posted on the New England Real Estate Journal.

Ver-Tex rebranded to Contexture in 2022.