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At 36,000 square feet, the Woodman Community and Performance Center is one of the largest buildings in Moses Brown School’s 232-year history. The center stands at the heart of Moses Brown’s 33-acre campus in Providence, Rhode Island, and Contexture is proud to have played a role in the completion of this new and innovative space. 

Contexture worked closely with Shawmut Design & Construction, who served as General Contractor on the project. Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels Architects designed the multi-use facility, which boasts telescopic seating and hydraulic flooring. These features provide for the ultimate flexibility in event hosting, since they can quickly transition the space from theater to exhibition hall. The Goldner Stage, the main stage inside the Center, is also fitted with top-of-the-line sound and lighting systems that allow the space to be “tuned.” The hallways of the Center serve as a gallery, which gives a permanent exhibit space for its students. There is a cafe as well as meeting spaces available to students and faculty alike. 

The new space also has numerous green-friendly features that pair perfectly with the daylight harvesting system and shades Contexture installed. Contexture installed approximately 30 manual and 15 motorized MechoShade Systems shades in the space. This included a custom MagnaShade and SolarTrac automation system from MechoShade Systems. The MagnaShade shade is a super-wide roller shade that keeps a low profile and eliminates the unsightly light gaps of multiple shades. This type of shade is a great fit for large spaces like the Center. With the SolarTrac automation system, the Woodman Community and Performance Center can maximize natural daylight while increasing energy efficiency and keeping occupants in a comfortable environment by controlling brightness, glare, and solar heat gain. 

By partnering with Contexture, the Moses Brown School has a beautiful space in which to bring more music and arts opportunities to its students and the surrounding community.