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Earlier this month, the Contexture team came together at our headquarters in Canton for our quarterly company meeting to discuss current programs, future initiatives, and how Contexture can continue to make improvements in fulfilling our purpose: to provide the highest quality service and solutions for our clients’ needs with unrelenting dedication and care.


During the meeting, team members broke out into small groups to brainstorm and identify opportunities for increased efficiency so we can better serve our customers (#BuildPeakMoments – Create unforgettable customer service experiences.), with input from all levels of the organization. Following these small discussions, the teams shared their ideas with the rest of the company. Overall, everyone in the company contributed to the conversation in some way, helping Contexture to continue learning, innovating, and growing as a result of open and honest communication.


These quarterly meetings, which bring together everyone in the company, allow all team members to get on the same page and share their experiences, and maintain an ongoing dialogue for continuous progress (#TeamworkMakesTheDreamWork – Stop, collaborate and listen.). These meetings are instrumental in creating a productive atmosphere that encourages both personal and professional growth for individuals and for Contexture as a whole. By coming together regularly as a team, we are able to more holistically examine our current efforts, consider areas for improvement, and establish action items for increased success (#PushTheEnvelope – Constantly challenge paradigms.).


After the meeting, the team members headed to Westgate Lanes in Brockton to enjoy food, drinks, and bowling (#WorkLifeHarmony – Make time for life.). This post-meeting celebration was a blast, with everyone sharing laughs and exemplifying the last of our Core Values (#WhereEverybodyKnowsYourName: Be a community of care.).